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imgAt Facilities Logistics Inc., we have over 50,000 square feet of warehouse space to receive, store and distribute office furniture, computers, copiers and machinery. Short and long-term storage is available at our secured warehouse. You can rely on our warehousing system that your accessories will be safely stored and taken care of.

Our experienced crews can pack on-site at your facility, or a truck from our large fleet of vehicles (including e-van and air-ride) and pick up your equipment to pack in our warehouse at Facilities Logistics, Inc. We have a diverse inventory of packing supplies and can create any kind custom packaging to protect your products.

We specialize in the design and manufacturing of custom crates and containers for any high (or low) tech. requirements; including the medical and aerospace industries. Our design team can design and build a custom crate to the strictest specifications for protecting your product for delivery to the warehouse or to your customers. Facilities Logistics Inc. is the source for all your crating and packaging needs.

We neatly store all of the items on brackets that have been built in to hold heavy equipment. We make it easy for the customer and for us to find your equipment quickly when it comes time to pull it out of storage.

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